Why You Should Wash Your Face With Bar Soap

Why You Should Wash Your Face With Bar Soap

Over the years, bar soap has gotten a bad rap. Critics claim that it's unhygienic, drying, and all-around inferior to traditional liquid soaps. And while it's true that certain bars are full of skin-stripping ingredients that dry you out, there's a new generation of bar soaps—for both face and body—on the rise that may just make you reconsider your go-to liquid cleanser.

Why you should reconsider bar soaps:

1. You can avoid irritants easier.

People usually run from bar soaps, but they should be running from sensitizes that prematurely age their skin (think fragrance and irritating chemicals). And where do you most frequently find these sensitizes? Liquid soap! Note: Not all liquid cleansers are evil, but any product that includes water among its ingredients requires a preservative, and that's where things get a little iffy. Many liquid soaps are packed with drying chemicals, surfactants, and preservatives that you should avoid. 

Bar soap is made with sodium hydroxide, but when the formulation is done right, the sodium hydroxide disappears and you're left only with soap molecules and moisturizing glycerin. Cool, huh? Formulating into a bar allows you to add a higher concentration of pure, good-for-you ingredients—and leave out common preservatives.

2. Despite past reports, they're actually hygienic.

As for the hygiene argument, it turns out that the risks have been way exaggerated. Studies about bar soap show that while you may find some bacteria on the bar's surface, it is highly unlikely to cause disease and doesn't stick around after you wash your skin with the bar. Of course, you should always keep your bar soap in a cool place on a dish that can drain so that it's not sitting in a pool of water.

3. More eco-friendly.

Among their other benefits, bar soaps are more eco-friendly because of their packaging and are much easier to travel with. Plus, some of the newest natural bar soaps out there are specially formulated to work for face and body, so investing in one can simplify your routine too. Such as Naam's Face Soap!

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