Foot Care

Improve circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve itching and burning and fight bacteria and foot odor – all while creating smoother, softer skin with NAAM Foot Soak!


Let’s be real – weird, unsexy things can happen to our feet. Fungus on toe nails, discolored cracked heels, strange smells and the list goes on!

Just like our face, our feet need to be pampered too! Our precious feet work hard all day taking us to beautiful places all day long.

NAAM Foot Soak is a fantastic option for days when your feet are tender, uncomfortable and asking for relief. Immersing your feet in our handmade all natural foot soak does not just feel so darn good - it also almost instantly relieves pain and aches after a long day on your feet. Furthermore, it’s only a choice away to easily soften the dead, dry skin that builds up on our feet – making subsequent exfoliation or sloughing much more effective.

Simply dissolve the contents into a tub of hot water and enjoy the feeling as the salts, therapeutic and essential oils work their magic. Epson salt as our main ingredient is not only known for its skin healing, muscle relaxing and inflammation reducing properties; it also help draw moisture out – which makes the environment less inviting for fungus. Making our NAAM Foot Soak the perfect remedy for your precious hardworking feet.