Encased in gorgeous packaging, these make the perfect soap for Christmas, whether for yourself or as a gift for friends and family.

  • Naam • Redefining Beauty • Handmade - Naam Face Oil Review

    Naam Face Oil Review

    This face oil works so well on me. I use this with my moisturizer during the day and t use it as it is at night. I can really see my acne scars fading away. My pores also become smaller. This is going to be my must have skincare product! Good job, Naam!

  • Naam • Redefining Beauty • Handmade - Kopi'Co Body Scrub Review

    Kopi'Co Body Scrub Review

    Does it smooth? Yes. Does it soften? Yes. Does it smell like coffee? Not so much. It smells more like coconut flakes. Not an entirely bad thing - unless you're a coconut hater.

    Lazada Customer
  • Naam • Redefining Beauty • Handmade - Hydrating Face Mist Review

    Hydrating Face Mist Review

    Love how my skin feels after misting with this one. Great hydrating and soothing properties. Definitely recommending this to anyone .

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