Neem Acne Body Soap

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The simple, all-natural cleanser for fresh, clean & happy skin • Handmade in small batches


This amazing soap is light and treats acne effectively.  It contains Neem oil and Neem bark powder as its active ingredients. Eucalyptus oil is added which acts as a natural sunscreen. 



 Best for Body Acne and Oily Skin Type  


Truly Natural. Vegan. Cruelty-Free. 


 Shea Butter + Neem Oil + Neem Powder + Sunflower Oil + Eucalyptus Oil + Rosemary Oil + Vitamin E + Moringa Powder + Neem Powder + French Green Clay 


 • Neem clears acne, scars and pigmentation 

• Excellent for treating many skin conditions

• Natural antiseptic and antibacterial  

• Eucalyptus oil has a natural SPF 3 


 Lather between hands with water, and apply generously to body. This soap is gentle to be used everyday. 


 Exp: 1 Year After Opening + 95gram +

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