Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Roses are known as the symbol of love and beauty since ages. That is why, they have always been an essential part of the décor of most weddings. But, the uses of this gorgeous flower are not just limited to expressing love or enhancing the beauty of a place.

As pleasing as roses are to the eyes, they are as gentle on a girl's skin too. The calming effect of its oil, water, or just the petals, works wonder on a girl's skin and scalp. So, let us unveil some amazing beauty benefits of this lovely flower for you all.

Benefits of Rose Petals

1) Soothes Skin

A problem that many people face during summers is oiliness and moisture evaporation from one’s skin. According to skincare experts, rose petals are said to be anti-bacterial. It is also said that the use of a rose will leave one’s skin hydrated and smooth for a long period.

2) Sunscreen

According to reports, it is also said that sunscreen is a must even when one is indoors. One can invest in a natural sunscreen that one can make at home using rose petals. It is said that rose petals are rich in vitamin C. To make the sunscreen one can mix crushed rose petals along with cucumber juice and glycerine.

3) Detox

Rose petals are also reportedly known to act as a detox to one’s body. One can add a few rose petals in a warm tub as it will help in calming one’s mind.

4) Helps Fight Acne

As it was earlier reported that roses have anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting breakout and acne. As per experts, it is also said that rose water can help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. As per reports, rose petals also help in preventing dark circles. One can soak thin cotton pads in rose water and put them on your eyes.

Products with Rose Petals

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