Red Sandalwood Powder

Red Sandalwood Powder

Red Sandalwood

Commonly known as Raktachandan, is a tree that is native and endemic to India. The wood part present at the centre of the trunk, also known as heartwood, is used for medicinal purposes. Red Sandalwood is used for skincare and cosmetic purposes. Applying Red Sandalwood powder mixed with honey or rose water helps manage acne and scars due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.As per Ayurveda, Applying Red Sandalwood paste on the wound helps in wound healing due to its Ropan (healing) property. 

Red sandalwood (Pterocarpus Santalinus), also known as red sanders or saunderswood, is very much different from white sandalwood (Santalum Album). It is basically a tree with a rich red-colored heartwood (the wood at the center of the trunk of the tree) with no significant aroma. Red sandalwood is mostly valued for its medicinal properties and hence, it has been widely used in traditional herbal medicine. It has great anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, antipyretic, anti-hyperglycaemic, aphrodisiac, and diaphoretic properties, which make it a perfect solution for digestive tract issues, fluid retention, cough, etc.  The ingredient can also improve the overall health of our skin remarkably with its strong healing characteristics.

Benefits of Sandalwood

1. Offers Great Nourishment

A skin that is healthy-looking outside is basically properly nourished inside and red sandalwood is one of the best natural ingredients that provide sufficient nourishment to our skin cells.

2. Gives a Radiant Complexion

If your dry, rough skin is making your complexion dull and lifeless, red sandalwood can be your savior.

3. Makes Skin Even-Toned

Blotchy skin with lots of blemishes and old marks of breakouts looks really unattractive. Get a perfectly even tone by opting for red sandalwood.

4. Helps in Exfoliation

Red sandalwood can help you immensely in exfoliating the upper dead skin cell layer and revealing a fresh layer of skin underneath.

5. Controls Oiliness of Skin

Oily skin with large pores can lead to unwanted breakouts. Red sandalwood powder can soak up excess oil and reduce the secretion of sebum in your skin, thereby keeping it grease-free throughout the day.

6. Removes Ugly Sun Tan

In case you are trying hard to get rid of your month-old suntan, red sandalwood can be a smart choice indeed. It not only fades away those ugly tan marks but also protects the skin from further sun damages.

7. Fades Pigmentation Marks

If your pigmentation marks are stealing your self-confidence, give red sandalwood a try to get rid of them. The ingredient is effective in eliminating pigmentation by removing the layer of affected cells.

8. Clears Up Acne and Pimples

A simple paste of red sandalwood powder and plain water or rose water can help you a lot in preventing those irritating acne and pimples. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing properties of the ingredient help a lot in it.

9. Combats Premature Aging

Keep all those signs of aging at bay with red sandalwood and enjoy having gorgeous young-looking skin.

10. Soothes Itchy, Inflamed Skin

Being a natural anti-inflammatory agent and highly soothing in nature, red sandalwood can heal your inflamed skin fast too.

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