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Lip Care Duo [Strawberry Lip Scrub + Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask]

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Lip Care Duo [Strawberry Lip Scrub + Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask] Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

πŸ“ Introducing Naam Lip Care Duo: Strawberry Lip Scrub & Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask πŸ“

Indulge your lips in the ultimate lip care experience with our Naam Lip Care Duo featuring the delightful Strawberry Lip Scrub and the luxurious Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask. Discover why this dynamic duo is a must-have for your lip care routine:

πŸ“ Strawberry Lip Scrub πŸ“

🌟 Gentle Exfoliation: The Strawberry Lip Scrub provides a gentle yet effective exfoliation, buffing away dry and flaky skin to reveal irresistibly soft lips underneath. Pamper your pout with the natural goodness of strawberry extracts, known for their soothing and revitalizing properties.

🌟 Sweet Strawberry Aroma: Experience a burst of sweet strawberry aroma during your lip care routine. The delightful scent adds a touch of indulgence to your self-care moments, making lip care a truly enjoyable experience.

🌟 Prep for Smooth Lipstick Application: Achieve the perfect canvas for flawless lipstick application. The Strawberry Lip Scrub ensures your lip color glides on effortlessly, without any unevenness or rough patches. Say hello to long-lasting and beautifully even lip color.

πŸ“ Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask πŸ“

🌟 Intense Hydration: Infused with macadamia oil and shea butter, our Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask delivers intense hydration to quench your lips' thirst. Experience the nourishing benefits of these natural moisturizers, leaving your lips deeply hydrated and incredibly supple.

🌟 Repair and Revive: Bid farewell to chapped and damaged lips! The Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask is specifically formulated to repair and revive your lips, soothing any discomfort and restoring their natural softness and vitality.

🌟 Overnight Rejuvenation: Experience the magic of overnight care with our Lip Mask. Apply it before bedtime, and wake up to beautifully rejuvenated lips, ready to face the day with confidence.

🌟 Luxurious Self-Care: Elevate your lip care routine with the luscious texture and heavenly scent of strawberries. Our Lip Mask provides a luxurious and pampering experience that takes self-care to a whole new level.

Perfect Lip Care Duo: Together, the Strawberry Lip Scrub and Strawberry Macadamia Shea Lip Mask create the ultimate lip care duo. Their combined benefits ensure your lips stay irresistibly soft, smooth, and hydrated.

Indulge in the sweetness of strawberries and nourish your lips with our Naam Lip Care Duo. Embrace the power of natural ingredients for lips that look and feel their best. Treat yourself to this luxurious lip care experience and unlock the secret to naturally beautiful and healthy lips.

Get the Naam Lip Care Duo now and enjoy the ultimate care your lips deserve!

Active Ingredients

Strawberry Lip Scrub :

Pure Olive Oil. Pure Avocado Oil. Organic Strawberry Powder. Fresh Strawberry Extract. 

Strawberry & Macadamia Shea Lip Mask : 

Pure Shea Butter. Organic Strawberry Powder. Macadamia Nut Oil.

How to use :

Massage your lips with this scrub in a circular motion, not more than a minute. Wash your lips with water and apply Shea Lip Mask. We suggest exfoliating twice a week. 

What you get?

Strawberry Lip Scrub (20g)

Strawberry & Macadamia Shea Lip Mask (7g)

Exp: 1 Year After Opening |  www.naamskin.com

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