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Foot Soak for Athlete's Foot and Antifungal

Athlete’s foot - also known as tinea pedis, is a fungal skin infection that typically starts between the toes. It causes a scaly, itchy rash that may have painful or burning sensations. Tight shoes, shoes made from synthetic materials, damp socks and not drying our feet properly – especially in between the toes, can all create the perfect conditions for the fungus to thrive.

  • Powerful natural antibacterial, antifungal & anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces the itching, scaling, swelling, and burning of athlete’s foot
  • Help against foot fungus and deodorizes foot for smelly feet
  • Perfect revitalizing all-natural foot spa therapy

Not only is immersing your feet in a tub of water at the end of the day a relaxing thing to do, but NAAM Foot Soak for Athlete’s foot also contain ingredients like tea tree oil that has anti-fungal properties.

NAAM Foot Soak for Athlete’s Foot is an all-natural, organic blend of mineral rich salts, therapeutic oils and skin nutrients that helps soothe, deep clean and relaxes your hard working feet while battling against athlete's foot.

Tea Tree Oil in NAAM Foot Soak for Athlete’s Foot is one of the most powerful natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. It helps in reducing the itching, scaling, swelling, and burning of athlete’s foot. Coupled with Epson Salts and Sodium bicarbonate’s antifungal properties - NAAM Foot Soak addresses everything from Athlete’s Foot to nail fungus, not to mention it deodorizes feet gently and generally makes feet feel good.

With additional anti-septic properties and attractive fragrance of Rosemary oil in NAAM Foot Soak for Athlete’s Foot -makes it the perfect revitalizing spa therapy for your precious feet

Active Ingredients: Himalayan Salt. Epsom Salt. Sodium Bicarbonate. Organic Avocado Oil. Organic Rosemary Oil. Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil. Bentonite Clay. Menthol Crystal.

Directions: Directions: Add two to four tablespoons into a warm foot bath and allow to infuse. Soak feet for 15 - 20 minutes. Caution: For external use only. If irritation develops, discontinue use.  Keep away from direct sunlight.

Exp: 1 Year Shelf Life • 280g •

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