Your lips will definitely have something to smile about!

Your lips will definitely have something to smile about!

Do you use your lipstick daily and for long hours? 

Such a practice is definitely not the healthiest! For example, matte lipsticks often turn the lips dry as they soak in all the moisture.The lipstick pigment stays on for long hours during the day and many times we sleep with it too. Don't forget the amount of chemical it has affected your lip too!

How do lipsticks harm us?

Lead is the commonly found harmful content in lipsticks. It mainly affects the nervous system and harms the hormonal system. Lipsticks are known to cause allergy and irritation over the lips and the surrounding skin. Other harmful effects include blockage of pores, drying and chapping of lips. Certain harmful ingredients are known to cause cancer, also, heavy metal poisoning are present in minute quantities in our lipsticks.

Comfort your lip now! 

Naam handmade lip oils are purely made from virgin carrier oil alongside with essential oils that would comfort your dry and chapped lips by providing instant moisture! 

Not quite a lip balm and not quite a gloss, lip oils are essentially the love child of both. These nourishing tubes do both jobs with the finish of a shiny tinted gloss and the moisturizing benefits for your lips!


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