What Face Masks Do Anyway

What Face Masks Do Anyway

The basic purpose of face masks is to deep cleanse your skin. When applied, the mask draws out the impurities hidden in your epidermis (and deeper) layer, thus detoxing your skin of any dirt or particles that may have lodged themselves in your pores. This makes you fresher and smoother.

Also, with liquid face masks (unlike sheet masks), when the mask hardens and you peel it off or gently scrub it off, this process causes the delicate blood vessels in your face to expand, thus increasing blood circulation. Thus, your skin radiates a certain glow and dewiness, which improves your skin tone.

But this isn’t all that a face mask does for you!

With time, the beauty industry has become a lot more advanced, offering various face masks that target specific skin problems, such as double tone, dryness, fine lines, rosacea, dark spots and acne. Like the Detoxifying Mask from Naam, which provides nourishment and vitality to your pores. How? By removing dead skin cells and impurities after day long exposure to pollutants and UV rays; leaving your skin firm and revitalized.

In short, face masks provide your skin with a gentle boost, one that coaxes it to function well and protect itself against the elements.