The Ultimate Lip Care Guide

The Ultimate Lip Care Guide

Plump, hydrated lips can totally elevate your appearance. Rosy, healthy lips frame your face and indicate youthfulness and vitality—and isn't that what everyone's looking to convey? So get that pout puckered up for our Ultimate Lip Care Guide.

We've got tips on everything from keeping your lips properly hydrated to preventing dark spots and signs of ageing on the lips, with tons of great product recommendations to boot. From classics like lip balm to high-tech lip treatments, we've got tons of options for you to choose from. So check out the articles below. The next person you smooch will thank you!

Exfoliate your lips?! 

Yep, we said it: you should exfoliate your lips. Just as exfoliating the face or body does, exfoliating the lips helps increase the benefits of the products you’re using tenfold by allowing them to penetrate the delicate layers of the skin on your lips better.

Exfoliating the lips is particularly important in treating chapping. If your lips are chapped, the thick layers of dead skin on the surface won’t allow hydrating balms to penetrate and fix the issue. As a result, you'll just see more chapping, even if you're using lip balm. Why? Most lip balms on the market create a barrier rather than hydrating, merely sealing on the dry skin underneath and failing to actually remove or treat it.

Hydration, of course, is key. Hydrating your lips helps them resist adverse weather conditions and sun exposure. Moist lips also resist chapping, whether due to illness, a dry climate, or sunburn. Ensure you’re using lip products with ingredients that deeply moisturise the lip area.

It's important to use the right lip products at the right times too! Lip balms with waxy, heavy ingredients that don't penetrate are better for those who:

  • Breathe through their mouth due to illness or allergies
  • Work in cold conditions
  • Are generally outdoors facing wind and the elements

Thick balms protect the lips but don't necessarily hydrate very effectively.

Lighter balms such as Lip Mask that penetrate are a better option for those looking to hydrate throughout the day whilst working indoors, before a long-wear or liquid lipstick, or before bed as a lip treatment. There's nothing quite like waking up with a hydrated pout!

Sun protection is a factor that most don’t realise comes into play with lips as much as it does. But your lips, due to their prominent position on your face, are exposed to the sun just as the rest of your features are.

Tender lip tissue can very easily become sunburnt and subsequently dry, red, irritated, or spotted. Of course, sun damage increases your likelihood of skin cancer, which is quite common on the lips.

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