The Magic Behind Face Mask

The Magic Behind Face Mask

Wash face, moisturize face, apply makeup. Skin care is simple, right?

There’s nothing wrong with a basic skin care routine, especially if it’s working. But if you’re one of the millions of Malaysians plagued by skin conditions from acne to redness, you may be looking for a skin care boost. And unfortunately, professional skin care procedures, such as facials, can be pricey.

This is where face masks come in, offering intense skin treatment for a fraction of the cost.

The “magic” behind face masks is simple! The ingredients from a face mask are kept longer in contact with your skin because of the occlusion phenomenon of the mask on your skin.

The mask traps the moisture or ingredient in the skin and creates film that helps to either hydrate, moisturize, dry or exfoliate the skin depending on the ingredients used and its purpose. Therefore, face masks allow ingredients to penetrate better into your skin in a short amount of time. Whether it’s salicylic acid for acne, vitamin C for fine lines or retinoid for brightening dark spots, a face mask can offer a more concentrated dose and more intense version of its ingredients compared to other forms of applications.

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