Strawberry Licious Lip / Sweeter Than You

Strawberry Licious Lip / Sweeter Than You

Strawberries are delicious, tart fruits that are the first to ripen in spring. Did you know that these conical shaped beauties can do much more than satisfy your irresistible sweet tooth? They are super fruits, bursting with powerful anti-oxidants and loads of vitamin C that will provide your skin with nourishing nutrients for healthy and happy skin. Research shows that people who eat foods rich in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and age-related skin problems than those who don’t.

What Makes Them So Good for Skin?

Rich source of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is good for your skin as it fights of free radicals that steal oxygen from healthy cells and destroy collagen, encouraging pronounced lines to appear on the skin.

Dietary fiber.

Strawberries are an excellent source of dietary fiber which helps in eliminating harmful toxins in our bodies. Dietary fiber is also useful in regulating bowel movement, thereby preventing constipation, which is a known factor for acne and pimples. Fiber in strawberries can help you have regular toilet visits, which can keep your skin pimple-free!

Folic acid. 

Folic acid aids in cell regeneration and the production of new cells in our bodies.

The juicy red fruits are packed with essential nutrients, such as vitamins C, A and K, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and potassium. Still with us? Good, because they're also antioxidant powerhouses and are super anti-inflammatory. Who knew?

What Does Strawberry Do For Skin?

To Hydrate

Trying to repair dry, cracked lips before bleeding starts? Invest in the NAAM Shea Lip Mask which utilizes a signature Strawberry + Macadamia containing pure shea butter, organic strawberry extract and macadamia nut oil. Not only does this product smell and feel amazing, it coats the lips in a moisturized film that, when applied overnight, has them soft and supple by morning.

To Exfoliate

The strawberries extract help to thin the outer layer of dead skin cells. This translates to a radiant, even complexion, and assists the active skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin in greater concentrations. The payoff can be powerful, though, taking your skin type into consideration when exfoliating with strawberry. Because the strawberry is slightly acidic, using the extract or pulp as a mask should be reserved for those with normal to oily complexions. Sensitive skinned individuals would want to try this ingredient on a small area of skin first, to ensure that they do not have a reaction or excessive exfoliation.

What to try? The NAAM Strawberry Lip Scrub is the definition of lip scrub, the product which includes fresh strawberry extract as a natural yet effective exfoliant. It’s gentle, and has a lot of other beneficial ingredients to combat against dry lip skin and dark dull lips!

Thanks to the vitamin C and salicylic acid, which remove dead skin cells, strawberries are excellent natural exfoliators for our skin. They are very effective when used on the thin, delicate skin on our lips (especially at this time of year, when cracked lips are so common). Simply mash one strawberry and gently rub into the lips, leave for a few minutes, and rinse.