Naam Overnight Lip Treatment

Naam Overnight Lip Treatment

NAAM Shea Lip Mask Overnight Lip Treatment 

The intense lip moisturizing treatment with natural active ingredients shields your lips from dryness while hydrating when you sleep and gets them ready for your favorite lip color. 

The pure shea butter rich formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps repair your lips natural moisture barrier leaving them feeling soft, smooth, and supple!

Here's a weird fact:

Chapped lips happen because your lips cannot naturally moisturize themselves (like other parts of your face) because there are no oil glands in your lips. Weird, right? That, plus lip's ultra thin layers of skin, make them a disaster zone of potential damage. Luckily, those are the exact reasons why you can heal chapped lips quickly.

Here's how to cure chapped lips, fast.

1 Exfoliate with Lip Scrub

Getting rid of flaky dead skin is essential to starting the healing process, but you want to do it gently or things could get worse. Whatever you do, don't pick away the flakes. Instead, gently buff it with an exfoliant!

2 Apply Shea Lip Mask

Naturally provides long lasting moisturization for soft, smooth, healthy looking lips. It's buttery and whipped and lasts for hours. Now that your lips are cleansed and exfoliated, apply an adequate amount of lip mask (like this one, seriously) to protect your lips from further irritants!