Know Why Your Lips Get “Chapped”

Know Why Your Lips Get “Chapped”

Not all skin is created equal, and chances are you’ve likely noticed that the skin on your lips can be super sensitive — whether that means dryness after one swipe of lipstick, or slight bleeding after you absentmindedly bite your lip during a meeting.

In fact, no other skin on your body has the same structure that our lips do, which is why your lips are so special.

You might be familiar with the “regular” skin’s structure, which consists of three layers: the stratum corneum (outer protective layer), the epidermis (barrier between the internal body and the environment), and the dermis (internal skin layer).

This skin also contains sweat glands (which provide moisture), sebaceous glands, and hair follicles.

The lip skin, on the other hand, is a bit different.

While the skin on your lips still consists of three layers, the stratum corneum (that outer protective layer) is much, much thinner — this is why your lips appear reddish, because the blood vessels shine through the thin outer layer.

The epidermis is also slightly thinner, which means that your lips are less able to produce melanin and therefore more prone to sun damage.

Both of these thinner layers make your lips much more susceptible to damage and fine lines.

In addition, you may have realized by now that your lips don’t sweat — that’s because they don’t contain sweat glands.

While you probably wouldn’t want to sweat from your lips, the lack of sweat glands also contributes to a lack of moisture — which is why your lips get drier more easily than the rest of your skin.

Unfortunately, the lack of these sweat glands and sebaceous glands are what lead our lips to become so easily chapped, dry, and even to peel.

The only real moisture our body can provide to our lips is saliva — and I think we all know what happens when we try to cure chapped lips with saliva.

As we've shared  — licking your lips is not the solution to dry lips!

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