Coconut Flakes

Coconut Flakes

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It’s used for its water, milk, oil, and tasty meat. Coconuts have been grown in tropical regions for more than 4,500 years but recently increased in popularity for their flavor, culinary uses, and potential health benefits

Raw coconut contains medium-chain saturated fats. Although other types of saturated fat are generally considered bad for your health because they can become trapped in fat tissue, medium-chain saturated fats are used by the body efficiently and transformed into energy. Coconut also contains properties that act as antibacterials and anti-inflammatory agents to decrease bacterial overgrowth, irritation and inflammation in the body.

Clean, Glowing Skin

Whether you eat it or apply it on your face and body, coconut cream, water and oil will help you attain that healthy, clean and glowing skin you’ve been wanting. Coconut cream and water boosts oxygen in the skin and massaging the oil on your skin promotes blood circulation. Coconut oil lets your skin breathe and promotes healthy, glowing skin.

Products with Coconut Flakes

Kopi'Co Body Scrub

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